MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — November 15, 2017 — Everyone has a skill to share and, if you happen to be an entrepreneurial and inquisitive person, Houston Group / HG+Ventures would love to connect with you.

Currently looking for:

-        Expertise in 3D Printing technology, specifically the ability to design and prototype a provided concept.

-        Expertise in small-scale blow-in / spray-foam technology.

-        Expertise in horticulture, specifically fertilizer / growth composition and seed science.

-        Expertise in packaging design (mechanical / industrial vs. creative), specifically for beverage industry.

If you are interested in discussing any of the above, please contact Dave Houston at dhouston@thehgsolution / +1 414 795 6565.

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HG+Ventures brings together ideas, talent and resources to support the rapid development of new product and service concepts.  HG+Ventures focuses on non-traditional development structures vs. fee-for-service, creating cohort teams that bring unique knowledge, attributes and skill sets to the table.  Concept owners are able to speed up the process of innovation and time-to-market, avoid potential pitfalls and mitigate a degree of uncertainty.  With access to hundreds of the most talented individuals in almost every facet of industry, HG+Ventures seeks to become the conduit through which impactful and truly disruptive product and service concepts are brought to life.

Contact: David Houston, Principal / +1 414.795.6565 / /